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October 04, 2004


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» “Human beings desperately need a sense of community.” from Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching
Last night’s post got me thinking quite a bit more about community, and I remembered seeing something on Yvonne DiVita’s Lip-Sticking, one of my favorite online reads: “…the true purpose of web-logging is getting lost in the rhetoric bouncing a... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Capitalists - October 25 2004 from The Big Picture
Hello and welcome to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists! We have an exciting and wide ranging line up, which I have tried to categorize (a mostly futile exercise, I might add) for your reading pleasure. If I missed anyone's trackback, please emai... [Read More]


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Blogs are are nice but I think forums are more interactive .

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