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December 09, 2004


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Wayne Hurlbert

What a wonderful interview about a tremendous organization. I am especially impressed with the micro-loan concept. Not only does the loan assist in starting a small revenue producing business, but empowers the women in so many other ways. The sense of achievement definitely is reflected in the many other aspects of the woman's life.

The enhanced feeling of personal accomplishment and recognition of one's ability to overcome life's obstacles is powerful. More such personally empowering organizations are needed everywhere.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much Yvonne for this Grameen interview. Well done. Funny, I have been thinking about Grameen myself lately and blogged about it last week. I was very impressed that they contacted me via email immediately after my post was published and they asked if I needed any more information, etc.

I will definitely link to this article on my next post, and it's already on my del.icio.us bookmarks on my blog.

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