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February 10, 2005


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Lynne Knowlton

You are a remarkable woman. You inspire me !

Nora Scott

Very articulate, informative, and generous to boot. It gives me comfort to see that I'm not the only one lucidly optimistic about people. Thanks for the company and congratulations. You deserve the recognition.

Nora (Scott)

Patsi Krakoff

I gotta say, I didn't know what I was unleashing when I told Denise Wakeman I was doing a blog! Ducks and water have nothing on Denise and her blogging. She took it up like an Olympic sport. I have learned so many tricks and tips about online marketing, and in blogging in particular from this smart lady.

And thanks, Yvonne, for your series on online marketing for us gals and making it more fun, even if I am getting a little "internet butt..."

Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D.

Denise Wakeman

Yvonne, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. Your Smart Woman/Man Online series is a great way to get to know other professionals. Keep up the great work!

Joshua Sharf

At first, I misread the headline, thought it said "Smart Woman Online: Demise," and that it was about Carly Fiorina.

The actual posting was much, much better.

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