International Women's Day: Serving the Hungry
New series: Smart Blogger

Jane Recommends Good Reading

The blogosphere is blooming with fresh ideas, concrete advice, and excellent recommendations on marketing to women. Jane would like to share some recent posts we've read:

At The Business of Life, Jill Fallon has several mind-boggling posts about women demanding equal rights in countries where such a thought is tantemount to committing blasphemy-- a capital offense in many third world countries. As we continue to celebrate woman's rights month, all over the world, it's important to be aware of the issues women are dealing with all over the world-- issues that go far beyond equal pay for equal work, or having the right to play golf at a certain country club. Jill reminds us that there is still a long road ahead for women and equality-- but women are out there fighting, and winning, at every turn!

Over at Small Business Branding, Michael Pollock is sharing his entry to the upcoming 100 Bloggers Book, with an emphasis on women and their role in creating the bloggersations (he still calls them conversations, but that's okay) that power the blogosphere, and drive business. Jane is impressed with his keen insight and his obvious intelligence. We know the world is in good hands when young men like Michael get it.

An old friend from our early blogging days also wrote to us this week...what a delightful surprise that was! John Jantsch has a new blog called Blogging Business where his post on blogging for realtors gave Jane thoughts of... moving?? Devoted readers of Lip-sticking know that Jane moved in August of last year and...we are not prepared to do that again! We are, however, in the midst of moving our offices, another trying yet necessary task and did do our initial shopping for space online. So, John, you are right. Blogging is good business for realtors.

We would also like to toot our own horn and send you over to Kirsten Osolind's blog, reinvention blog where Jane had the good fortune to be the 1st woman on Kirsten's new Saturday Feature: 10 Tips for 10 Million Women. It's always a privilege to be included in Kirsten's amazing and creative ideas for helping women entrepreneurs succeed. We can't wait for this Saturday's featured lady.

Before signing off today, Jane encourages, invites, welcomes all of you, dear readers, to tune in for tomorrow's interview. We have a very special person on deck.(yes, we know...we say all of our interviews are special people-- because they are!)

Tomorrow will start our new series called Smart Blogger. It does NOT replace the Smart Woman Online, nor the Smart Man Online, but will occasionally fill in for them. We have met so many truly SMART bloggers, and we believe that blogging is one of the BEST ways of making connections, that it became necessary to add another interview page to our blog.

Tomorrow you will be treated to the thoughts of Neville Hobson. Tune in to turn on to blogging.

What's not to like about that?


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