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Before we head back to the office this morning, still sleepy and fuzzy-headed, we thought we'd throw up a post to get you thinking. This three or four day holiday, depending on the decisions made at your office, is one of the big ones here in the U.S. We take our independence seriously, as noted in Jill Fallon's post today at the Business of Life.

Jill has some historical perspective that is well worth the read, and it's interesting how she weaves her words along a timeline that connects to the present -- where our scientists are busy exploring the heavens to discover -- secrets hidden in the vast reaches of the universe.

What does all of this have to do with you, and us, and marketing to women who shop online?


Marketing, to women or children or men in corner offices, is at the core of any businesses hope to succeed. The kinds of things Jill writes about reveal the human aspect of who we are, and why we do the things we do.

There are books, of course. And, Jane is fond of books. But, between the books, the websites, the blogs, the RSS feeds, and all of the other sales and marketing messages being thrown at us on a daily basis, how are we to choose which ones are right for us? How do we sift through the muddle of information and find those few nuggets that give us that "aha!" moment?

Jane offers you links to resources in marketing on a regular basis. We hope you find value in them. On Mondays (and technically, this is a Monday, isn't it? don't we all feel like it's Monday?) there is the Carnival of the Capitalists, which is always bursting with news -- not all referencing sales and marketing, but certainly worth the read, if only to discover a new friend, or a new approach to business. It's at Casey Software today...enjoy.

Then, sit back for a moment and reflect on what you're all about. Revisit your goals for the year; plan a strategy meeting; get serious about achieving success, whatever that means to you. Don't forget to include women in your mix -- take a visit over to Attract-her and check out Mary Hunt's musings. Remember to include David Wolfe at Ageless Marketing in your readings, he's the closest thing we know to a new millennium marketing guru, if we can throw a cliche in our mix.

These are merely starting places. It's our hope that you will use careful judgment and discussion Woman_shopping_onlinewhen choosing how to proceed...because it's time to get serious about 2005. You have only one or two chances left to get Jane and her friends to flock to your site to increase your bottom-line. We're ready -- even eager -- to do so.

Tell us why we should. Engage us in conversation. Tempt us with treats. We're waiting...

What's not to like about that?


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Yvonne DiVita

Good stuff. Survey's are excellent tools. Thanks for this link, Yegor. Hope the readers take a gander.

Yegor Kuznetsov

Check out a cool story by Tracy Gill (Target Marketing) on e-commerce Web site optimization with WebSurveyor software:
Case Study: Online Survey Facilitates Customer Feedback
By Tracy A. Gill
Problem: Robeez Footwear wanted real-time access to its customers.
Solution: Design an online survey program.
Result: Feedback helps Robeez optimize its e-commerce Web site.


Jill Fallon


I don't know what I appreciate most, your link and kind words about Twisting the Lion's Tale or the discovery of a heretofore unknown blogger to me, Mary Hunt and her wonderful post on Experiental Marketing and the example of Bill Jurevich.

Thank YOU. You're the best for scoping out new sites about marketing to women and bringing it all back home to where we connect.

We're humans and it's the human moments that connect us.

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