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July 05, 2005


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Yvonne DiVita

Good stuff. Survey's are excellent tools. Thanks for this link, Yegor. Hope the readers take a gander.

Yegor Kuznetsov

Check out a cool story by Tracy Gill (Target Marketing) on e-commerce Web site optimization with WebSurveyor software:
Case Study: Online Survey Facilitates Customer Feedback
By Tracy A. Gill
Problem: Robeez Footwear wanted real-time access to its customers.
Solution: Design an online survey program.
Result: Feedback helps Robeez optimize its e-commerce Web site.


Jill Fallon


I don't know what I appreciate most, your link and kind words about Twisting the Lion's Tale or the discovery of a heretofore unknown blogger to me, Mary Hunt and her wonderful post on Experiental Marketing and the example of Bill Jurevich.

Thank YOU. You're the best for scoping out new sites about marketing to women and bringing it all back home to where we connect.

We're humans and it's the human moments that connect us.

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