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July 07, 2005


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Tris Hussey

For the record, I don't ghost write. I am the equiv. of a syndicated columnist. People who like my writing, writing as me, want it on their site because it adds value.

Also the number of cases of ID fraud from online transactions are very few and have been overblown by the press. You're much more likely to have you wallet stolen or, say, your credit card info copied at a restaurant or store (as has happened to me before).

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I have two questions:

(1) How can a ghost blog be upholding the core values of blogging, especially honesty, authenticity, passion, transparency?

To write a blog for a client? No, never, in my opinion. I feel you can write some sample posts, but only to show the client, then tell the client to do their own thing, in their own voice, about what they are wise and passionate about.

This reminds me of writing love poems or letters for a client. Pretend passion and false identity don't do the blogosphere any good, and customers may be able to sense the chicanery.

(2) What do we tell clients, as we rave about online shopping, about how the ecommerce, ebanking, etc. companies are *not* protecting their sensitive information?

Identity theft is the crime equivalent of the blog: fastest rising and most perfect in all history.

I advise people to never conduct any financial transaction online.

Your information will be instantly subjected to unprudently high risk of misuse, could swiftly be in the hands of cyber bandits.


Sometimes it is good to be bad! Thanks for the great insights into one of the blogoshere's best.


Lots of info in the interview. Thanks. Especially liked the references to using blogs to develop writing skills. If one of the main ways to improve wirting is to simlpy write, blogs can be a great help.

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