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Yvonne started writing when she was in second grade. Her second grade teacher did not appreciate her creative abilities and tried to get her in trouble with the law - i.e. her Mom.

Well, that didn't work. Yvonne...oh heck, Yvonne (otherwise known as y2vonne) is just me, so here you go... I just went on writing and drawing and still managed to graduate from grade school. In high school, life was kinder. Everyone else had ceased any and all interest in writing by then, so...I did it all! And loved it!

Years later, after suffering through a long marriage to an engineer (what was I thinking?), I freed myself and started my own business -- the business of groveling for food and drink by writing web content -- in those bygone years of the last century.

Finally, I got around to writing my ground-breaking book on marketing to women who shop online: Dick*less Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online. The outrageous title invites businesses to get out of that old Dick and Jane mindset of the previous century, and learn to market to the largest, most wealthy demographic there will ever be: and that would be women.

I used to write this blog from 'Jane's' point of view -- representative of the women's market, and of a grown-up, technically savvy, business and personal-focused Mom, named Jane. In January of 2006, I gave Jane a rest...and now, I'm the one in control! WOW! What a feeling! I've gone Dickless to the extreme!

Here's the 'official' resume:

In 2004 I founded Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC to help other aspiring authors get published. WME is an Author Services company with a focus on helping new and existing authors write, produce, and market their books in a customer-centric atmosphere where Authors Helping Authors was the focus. WME offered print on demand publishing services.

During that time, I also started writing a pet blog to share stories about my other passion: animals. That took off. With a small group of amazing professionals. I co-founded BlogPaws, now going into its 10th year. I retired from the online pet community focus (after closing WME) in 2015. Today, I'm back to working on Lipsticking with Robbi Hess.

Watch for more advice on writing, on narrative, on creating that great book about you, and everything to do with being a successful woman today. Tagline: Getting to the Heart of Being a Woman.