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Writing is simply taking your thoughts and ideas and putting them down on paper or into a computer so they are displayed on a monitor. It's that simple. We all started once. We all questioned whether we could consider ourselves a writer or an author. The thing I would recommend to you is to just..write. Practice does make perfect. Use the resources we've already posted on this blog. Look for other resources, books, blog, websites etc. It starts with desire, an inkling, a spark and from there it depends on your commitment. Don't spend valuble time questioning yourself, spend it writing and remember to breathe. Get yourself relaxed and in a quiet place. Thats where you'll get your ink flowing and don't forget to share! Its all about the process, not the final product. The process is what we learn from. Good Luck and please stay in touch. We love to see writers blossom and we are here to help.


Yvonne is absolutely right, you ARE a writer. The moment you started consciously thinking of yourself as a writer, you became one -- and probably for a long time before that you were unconsciously working your way toward being one.

Don't stop now! You say you've been journaling and writing notes to your husband, which (I hope) means you have a supportive set of eyes and ears at home.

Here's the great news: I think you've just taken the next step by posting your thoughts and feelings here. Now you've starting writing for publication. No, it's not War and Peace. And no, this is not The New Yorker. But putting anything you write out there were others can see it is a HUGE step forward.

We'd love to hear more about your ideas, your goals for your writing, the kinds of writing your interested in ... and more about you, as well.

And don't belittle your journaling or note writing. Most writers find it useful to write small items on a regular basis (like book reviews, letters to the editor) and for centuries many have kept writing journals. Now we have blogs to serve the same functions.

So, a warm welcome to ours. We hope you'll continue to share your thoughts. Over time we're confident you can offer as much help to others, by your ideas and your example, as you receive.


Joanne, if you're putting words to ARE a writer. Perhaps an un published one at present, but you are already on your way. My best advice is to keep doing what you're doing-- and if publication is a goal, find a focus. WMEBooks will soon be offering a free book on how to get started--since your situation is a common one. Watch for "The 'How to Write a Book' Book" coming to our website, soon! Tom and Maryanne will, perhaps, have other suggestions. Come and check back to see what they think, also.

It all sounds so easy, this book writing occupies the number one spot on my "Things to do while i'm on this side of the pavement" list. Getting started is the hardest part i think, but because i haven't done that i guess i can't judge what comes next.
Is it all just silliness? I'm not a writer. I mean, a real writer. I'm a journal writer and a notes to my husband writer. Technically the only reason I'm not a writer is because i've never written anything...much.
So, how do i stop thinking and start writing?

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