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David, I'm blushing! But, you are so very right. In all honesty, George Kittredge wrote this piece - and he knows whereof he speaks! He used a POD publisher that - had no interest in his overall success... and therefore, no incentive to do a good job for him. Once we took his book in-house here at WME Books, and produced a quality product he could market and sell, he was so delighted, he came to work for us!

Thanks for your insight. I send new clients and prospects to your blog all the time. I know they gain value from your publishing stories and I hope some of them buy your book, too. It's a winner.


Your list of publishing questions is unexpectedly illuminating. I asked myself these same questions in early 2005 and was happy with the answers I came up with, but I think the answers are different today.

These questions must be asked, but you must ask them again with each book you wish to publish. Reading your questions makes me realize how publishing is changing:

What are the various methods of publishing and what is the best value?

Are there specific software or tools that should be employed in order to publish?

How early should you start engaging a potential publisher?

What are the various pieces (i.e. editing, formatting, design, distribution, etc.)that go into publishing, and what are critical?

Is distribution tied to publishing?

What are some processes that most people, who have never published, not aware of?

What is the most important aspect of this entire process (i.e. good cover, type of font, etc.)?

I think you will find that the answers have changed significantly in the last twelve months. They will probably change again before my next book is published. I think the short answer to these questions is: "It all depends when you intend to publish!"

And that is where the constant value of your services come in. With you in their corner, an author has a much better chance of succeeding than publishing on their own.

Keep up the good work!

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