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New Book on Blogging

Why we Blog (and you should too!) is Dave Young's new audio CD and booklet on blogging. Many people reading this may think they know everything there is to know--okay, maybe not EVERYTHING there is to know, about blogging, already, but you don't. Dave Young knows. Okay, maybe he doesn't know everything, either--but darn, he comes close!

I eagerly awaited this book precisely because I don't know everything there is to know about blogging. I am still learning the ins and outs of this fun tool. To be truthful, I resisted the idea of a blog for quite awhile. My partner, and fiance, had a blog called Knowledge Aforethought--as a "recovering" lawyer he writes about law, technology, and knowledge management, but he does it in language that's easy to read and understand--and he thought I should have a blog, too.

So, I let him help me set up this blog. After all, I thought to myself, how can I consult with clients and set myself up as an Internet expert without knowing about blogs? And then I thought, how many more people can I reach through blogging if I update it every day with quality information? The answer to question one was: I can't. Must learn blogging. Must get book...found out about Dave's audio CD and my prayers were answered. The answer to question number two was--an infinite number. Post, post, post; share, share, share; do the Jane thing...and the rest will happen on its own.

Of course, now I'm in love. Love makes you do crazy things. Sometimes, those crazy things are great ways to promote yourself, your business, a book you've written---an audio CD on the very subject you're in love with--to merely name a few.

When it comes to why we blog, Dave has all the answers. Okay, most of the answers. I'm not sure anyone has all the answers. I enjoyed his CD immensely. He has an authoritative yet friendly voice. His knowledge of all things blog is supported by introducing blogs we might never know about but for his CD. And it's clear that he's done his homework. I trust his business sense and his advice. From Chapter One: What is a Blog, to Chapter Eight: Advice from Your Mom (or your lawyer) and final words, (didn't I just write about Moms?) Dave takes the listener, or reader, on a journey of enlightenment into the world of blogging.

This audio CD is invaluable to me because there is a growing interest in my local area on how to blog, on why to blog, and on whether or not blogging is a useful business tool. I am using Dave Young's terrific CD and booklet to help me build a "learn how to blog" service for some colleagues and friends. Why? Because, as Dave says, a blog is "a website that doesn't sit around gathering dust." New, fresh, and interesting---that's what blogging is. If you do it right.

Get Dave's audio CD and learn how to do it right. Way to go Dave!

Say, what's not to like about that?


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