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Jane Goes Online to Save Gas

Good Sunday morning. A hint of sun is creeping through some gray clouds overhead. The Weatherbug on my computer tells me the temperture is a cool 68 degrees, pleasant but almost guaranteed to be humid. It's that time of the year, in this part of the country. Meanwhile, the dog doesn't care, she just wants to go for her walk. I wonder how she'll like the new neighborhood...which brings thoughts of packing to mind. When will be all be able to beam ourselves and our belongings wherever we please?

A week or so ago I was sitting at my favorite nail salon, indulging myself in a manicure--not something I would have even considered only a year ago, but times change and I have an image to uphold now--one of successful business woman. This requires a certain "appearance"...neat, attractive (in the sense of being clean and properly dressed), along with hands that are inviting to shake. Hence, the manicure. Else, I would be offering a hand of broken nails and torn cuticles. Not at all the image I like to portray to prospects and clients.

While having my nails done, I eavesdropped on two women who were sitting at the drying table (ladies know what this is; for the men, it's a small table with a light that helps the nail polish dry faster). The ladies were discussing their day, when one of them mentioned shopping online. I turned to her and asked what kinds of things she buys online and she said, "I buy everything I can online! I don't have time to shop, anymore." To which the woman sitting across from her nodded and offered, "We own a boat. There's little enough time in this area to enjoy the boat, I don't like wasting time at the store. If I can buy it online, I do."

I introduced them to the option of buying groceries online, which I do at a portal called Quixar, and both were duly impressed. No more standing in the grocery store line, no more running out of toilet paper or toothpaste, no more clipping coupons! Hey, what's not to like about that? The discussion ended with the comment that gas prices were a major reason to shop online today, in addition to the already noted reasons women use the Internet to buy: for convenience and to save money. Then, the ladies were gone, literally scurrying off to their individual pursuits, leaving me to bask in the recognition that Jane is truly becoming an online shopper of great appeal. happy_elephant

Court her in your sales and marketing messages. Ignoring her is truly risky business. From 9 to 90, there are girls and women online who want what you're selling. Don't just take my word for it, go to your local nail salon and listen in, as I did. You might be surprised at the conversation.

What's not to like about that?


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This may sound strange but i was just thinking about somethig similar when i discovered your page through another blog that linked your story(5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Female Friendly No Matter What You Sell)and went to front page and you were discussing it. Good Job!

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