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Five Fearless Faces in the Blogosphere

Tuesday morning, October 19th; the sun isn't up yet, there is a chilly nip in the air, permeating the house though the windows are closed tight and the heat has been nudged up a notch. Jane is starting early today since she has so very much to do! Our most important task of the day, of course, is to provide our readers with information worth their while, to take along with them on their journey to work or play, today.

Jane is focusing on Five Fearless Faces in the Blogoshpere today. Five blogs that tell it like it is. Five folks who aren't shy in their posts, which is all the better for their readers. Their blogs do not necessarily have pictures, so Jane would like you, dear readers, to read their blogs and use your imagination to envision what they look like -- remembering that they are fearless, each one faces that blank blog screen, usually on a daily basis, with an attitude of determination...to give their readers the best of what they've got.

Get ready, this list is not for the faint of heart:

1. B.L. Ochman who writes the What's Next Blog from her What's Next Online website, has an almost uncanny ability to know what's happening online, and reports it with all the zeal of a star reporter. From her most recent post, we learn that

Yahoo! Local-Search Plans Bus Stop Kiosk in Grittiest Part of Times Square: Search Engine Journal reports that Yahoo! Local-Search will be installing its first New York City bus stop kiosk at 8th Ave and 42nd Street next week "in order to test user’s responses in one of the densest urban environments in the US."

Well worth your attention, dear readers.

2. At Misbehaving's blog their tagline tells it all: "Well behaved women seldom make history --Laura Thatcher Ulrich"

These are serious women talking serious technology! From their October 18th post, "Liz" writes about Les Seules, an all-girl gaming team from Sweden that's taking aim against the boys in computer gaming. Liz learned about Les Seules on CNN's website. Her quote from the CNN site:

"We want to show the rest of the world that guys and girls can play on the same level," team member Louise Thomsen (code name: AurorA) told The Associated Press amid the geeky flurry on the floor of DigitalLife, a four-day technology and entertainment convention."

Anyone who has been following Lip-sticking on a regular basis knows we mention this issue from time to time, as a reminder that gaming is NOT an all-male recreation. Women are big gamers...and young girls, as Liz discusses in her blog post at Misbehaving, refuse to be ignored any longer. Hey world, wake up! Girls Game, too!

3. Collected Miscellany, a blog Jane reads, and occasionally writes in (aka Yvonne), offers readers an eclectic view of literature and blogs that focus on literature, with some political commentary blogs thrown in for good measure. Kevin's list seems to be the epitome of free speech and what being American is all about, to Jane. His focus is literature, books, and philosophy, but he doesn't shy away from controversy. A fearless blogger extraordinaire.

4. Thinking by Peter Davidson is a blog without a conscience. Here's a guy who isn't afraid to say what he thinks and then...to encourage feedback! We admire Peter's fearlessness, wishing we were still so young and brave. But, is it bravery that compels Peter to speak his mind? Or, is he merely doing what good writers do... putting the truth to the test by posting it for the world to see?

For instance, recently Peter took on reality TV by posting links to Reality Blogs. We thought all blogs were part of reality, but...you must visit Peter's site to determine that answer to that question for yourself. We do know that Peter can stir up controversy when he wants to. Jane approves of controversy -- wholeheartedly! After all, we did name our book, Dickless Marketing!

5. At A Day in the Life of a Persuasian Architect Anthony Garcia favors posts that get readers thinking about more than business. Jane is especially thankful for his post "When Conversion Happens Offline." Let us quote from this all important post of October 6th:Shoppingcart_pink2

"I have a confession to make.

"I really hate buying online.
"But I will tell you what I do love. I love shopping online."

Now, hasn't Jane been telling you that is true for so many people, including a great many women, for months and months now? Shouldn't you take that confession and build a response to it into your holiday marketing plan? Shop online -- buy offline. WOW! What a way to Win Over Women! Thanks for helping us make our point, Anthony.

These Five Fearless Faces of the Blogosphere are just a fraction of the talent and power out there -- ready and willing to help you understand women, learn more about literature (content you could post on your site to draw women in), and learn how a "persuasion architect" can help you get more customers to buy from you -- this season!

What's not to like about that?


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