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Marketing to women online isn't rocket surgery (the latest silly phrase-- what was wrong with rocket science?), nor is it magic. It requires some study and research-- and the ability to "think" like a woman.

For those readers who find that statement shocking-- I'm thinking of some of our good friends named Jack, Jim, Tom, Dick, Mike, etc.-- Jane isn't asking you to go the Dustin Hoffman route and don pantyhose and high heels. Not at all!

What we're asking is that you give us-- women in general-- some serious thought beyond how many shoes we have in our closet, beyond what color we dye our hair this week, and even beyond which TV shows we watch.

Those are all relevant issues to understanding us-- but the real gem is in looking at our accomplishments; at how we talk about our hopes and dreams; and what we do with our time--family oriented and professional.

Here are some stories Jane found on the net that will give you insight into how to do just that:

From the San Franscisco Chronicle, dated December 1, 2004, we learned that:

"More firms go it alone/Single-person businesses increase to 17.6 million"

The article goes on to show that California leads in single-person businesses, with Texas and New York coming along in second and third place. According to Tim Kane, an economist with the conservative Heritage  Foundation in Washinton, DC (according to the story), "This is a very positive trend. This confirms the rise of the entrepreneurial class in America."

Jane would like to add her two cents and remind you, dear reader, that the Center for Women's Business Research shows that women are opening new businesses at twice the rate of men. The entrepreneurial spirit is truly alive and well in the women you know. Lip-sticking is proud to be a part of this dynamic, growing group. Remember: many of these "single-person" businesses are home-based. Market to us where we live and work...and we will pay attention.

This morning, Jane was emailed this little piece of news from a good (male) friend, Lee Drake at Aztek Computing:

"Most Bloggers Women"

This from Marketing Vox News, where a lot of good news and information gets blogged about on a daily basis. This blog is written by men in the know. What they don't say is where the blogger info comes from...but, Jane ventures to guess that more women blog than men because...we like to. Blogging is just another form of chit-chat, to many of us. Interestingly, readers tell Lip-sticking that, "Finally, a blog that understands women and can report on women in the marketplace." Your wish is our command, dear reader.

Jane needs to move on to another article which came to us via an email newsletter. (see...blogging doesn't mean giving up your email newsletters-- do both and reach a larger market!) From CBS MarketWatch, Bambi Franscisco's Net Sense reported this week thatCatsnowman

"Online Christmas shopping pressure intensifies."

Bambi counts down the last...however many days (Jane refuses to put the number in) till Christmas with this story, which has Bambi and friends lamenting the terrors of last minute mall shopping. Jane would like to quote these passages for you, dear reader:

"It's not all shopping horror stories for everyone, however," Bambi writes. "Another friend cheerfully offered to share her "wonderful shopping experience," which immediately prompted a look of incredulity and uniform response, "Do tell!"

"Well...it was online," she said, with a waggish grin.

Bambi further reports that "five weeks into the holiday shopping season, consumers have spent $12.7 billion on the Web."

We're out there-- women who shop online. If you're reading Lip-sticking, we're spending some of our $$$ with you!

Jane thinks this is enough for a busy Wednesday. We have so much more...but we will save it for a later post, another day. Catgift

Tomorrow, dear reader, you must return to read our interview with an up-and-coming diva of the marketing world. See you then!

(Christmas images compliments of our good friend Sean D'Souza at PsychoTactics, a website Jane invites readers to visit...and learn from!)

What's not to like about that!


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