Jane Confesses Five Times Over
TGIF: From Jane's Point of View

Jane Gets Ornery

Dreary. That's the weather outside this late Wednesday morning. (Yes, we know it's Thursday...typically our Smart Man Online or Smart Woman Online interview day, but...we are having an ornery week and we prefer to pretend it's still Wednesday.)

Inside, in Jane's erstwhile office, the computer Gods are being especially unkind. Jane has always believed that computers are female in nature. We base this assumption on the fact that all computers Jane has ever had, or worked on, have always worked marvelously for the men in Jane's life-- be that a boss, an IT manager, a friend, or a special someone. When problems arise in our day-to-day use of our computer, we do not hesitate to enlist the aide of our male friends... those who are more technically oriented than we (if there were female friends around who embraced technology, we would happily engage their help, but...so far, we are surrounded by men--not that we are complaining, mind you), and...in almost every incident, the computer hums happily for our male companions. As soon as they walk away, however, the @#%&* machine goes back to its errant ways for Jane.

<very large sigh>

Today is just such a day. We have spent over two hours attempting to open Outlook to retrieve email-- important email, we would like to say-- to no avail. Outlook opens, it displays yesterday's email, attempts to download today's email, and...freezes.

This is, actually, a common practice for Jane and her computer. We have often played around with Outlook for an hour or more-- but today, we have reached our limit. Jane, as you may have surmised, dear readers, is not a patient person when it comes to technology. Much like our sisters and mothers and aunts and cousins, we expect technology to enhance our life...not hinder it. We expect technology to provide convenience and assistance, not anger and disappointment. We expect technology to make life easier...not harder.

There you are, dear readers. The secret to what women want.



Attention...given freely and happily.

Marketing to women who shop online is not a difficult task. Truly, it isn't. Why, Jane shops online all the time, because we know we will find what we want, we will be able to click a few buttons and have the items delivered--here, there, and everywhere. And we know that...we will find the best price, using catalog sites, or referrals from friends.

In fact, our friend Jill Fallon has been known to say that women of a certain age (we believe she refers to those of us over four feet tall), are the "#1 Marketing Opportunity for Financial Advisors."

And, the Taipei Times noted in Jan. of 2003 that "Female auto dealers are on the increase in the US," citing our very own Kitty Van Bortel who runs a Ford and Subaru dealership here in our home town.

If you doubt the buying power of Jane and her friends and family, make no mistake that in today's high-tech world, women are spending on technology at greater rates than men, we buy more consumer electronics than men, and we are DIY: do-it-yourself Queens! Indeed, gardening, carpentry, home decorating... women are into all of it.

Despite computers that fail them. Despite sales people (notice we said 'people' not MEN, although that's what we meant) who ignore them. Despite industries that still just don't get it! (to all bankers, everywhere: women have needs-- meet them or we will take our business to credit unions!)

There you have it. Although Jane's computer is giving her raspberries today, weComputer_raspberries  still managed to bring you some useful information to help you understand the growing power of women online. Marketing to women who shop online...

What's not to like about that?


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Gotham Image

Jill I think the real secret to what women want is on my previous blog post. At least that's why the Prez is thinking,wethinks.

Jill Fallon

What a wonderful capsule of what women want -convenience, simplicity and attention, freely and happily given. No one says it better than you.

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