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Jane would like to offer an excuse for not posting this weekend...but, we have none. None, other than the true delight of the arrival of our most precious granddaughter and her mother, Chloe, our eldest. Their arrival for a 10-day visit is cause for celebration, indeed, and we admit that it knocked all other thoughts from our head, for a time. Chloe_miah_grad_pic

Yesterday, Father's Day, we were brought back to Earth by a phone call at 9:30 at night, from our Mom -- asking when we were going to call our Dad! Oops! We sent a gift, Dad, really we did!

Today, we would like to offer thanks to all the Dads in all the world -- those stalwart, fun-loving, hard-working guys who not only bring home the bacon, but help Mom cook it up on the stove. We don't want to forget the 'other' dads, either -- those men who shoulder the reponsibility of fatherhood regardless of the blood relationship of the child. Those men who have opted to be the stay-at-home Dads in a world that still looks askance at such things, and those men who sheepishly admit, "I don't have a clue what I'm doing...I'm just playing it by touch (or smell, or feel...whatever works!)."

We know a lot of Dads like those described above. And, we want all of our readers to understand that marketing to women online includes Dads, cause Dads are just as important to children as Moms. That's right -- Dads rule! Look at some really great examples here, and know that one and all, Dads get a high-five from Lip-sticking, when they aren't afraid to hug their kid in public, to cry when they get emotional, and to bring Mom flowers for no special reason -- and especially when they ACCEPT flowers, without feeling that such a gift infringes on their manhood.

For some truly great reminders of how Dads influence our lives, visit Gerry Matt_daughter3Murak's, Our Fathers Who Art in Heaven blog, and this post on Dads and their diaper bags on Blogging Baby, sent to me by Jim Turner of One By One Media.

Happy Dad's Day, today and every day! (a special wish to the happy Dad pictured here...Matt Homan of the[non] billable hour. We just LOVE this picture!)

Now, what's not to like about that? (p.s. don't forget to click over to Wayne's blog, Blog Business World where lots of Dads -- and Moms -- have posts worth reading at the Carnival of the Capitalists, today! We offered up one of our recent interviews...well worth the time, indeed1)


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Matt Homann

Thanks! My second father's day was better than the first!

Wayne Hurlbert

Thanks for mentioning my hosting of Carnival of the Capitalists. It's greatly appreciated.

It was an honour to include your post in the Carnival.

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