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A New Media Fit by Five from Jane

Once again the 'powers that be' such as Emarketer and Forrester Research, purport to know what women think better than Jane.

Jane bows to their superior research capabilities, [they have millions of dollars, after all] but disputes the accuracy of their findings. Such as:

1. Men Love Media More than Women: According to a new report from Forrester Research, "Men are from CNET, Women are from iVillage," during a typical week men spend an average of seven hours more with media than women do.

However, according to the Women's Center for Business Research: Annual expenditures by women-owned enterprises for just four areas – information technology ($38 billion), telecommunications ($25 billion), human resources services ($23 billion), and shipping ($17 billion) – are estimated to be $103 billion.

We aren't doing all of that offline, folks.

2. Men Are From CNET, Women Are From iVillage: Gender Roles Persist Even As The Technology Adoption Gap Closes. Which says women look online for flowers, chat, and shoes.

And men are beer-drinking, foul-mouthed pigs. Right? NOT! Women from iVillage are looking for recipes, gossip, chocolate, and more...just as men from CNET are really surfing for -- Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Let's drop the stereotypes, please. Men and women are different -- we admit it. However, according to this report women are a majority online that is predicted to continue increasing.

The report says, "As women, who dominate offline spending, extend their influence on shopping and buying online, they will transform content, commerce and marketing." Jane says, hear, hear!

3. And according to our friends at Interpret-Her, "Women's purchasing power now exceeds $5 trillion." Plus, "Women make 66% of the online apparel and beauty purchases." [from a study at Nielsen/Net Ratings]

4. We will be following the Shop.org annual summit this month, where Kelly Mooney, co-author of the best-selling book, “The Ten Demandments” will help folks uncover the true differences in how men and women shop. New_hairdo

5. Not to trivialize the subject, nor to diminish the overwhelming horror of what happened in the Gulf, Jane wishes to present a story from the Washington Post that puts a human face on things (something we ladies like to do): Ordinary People Show Up to Fill in Gaps in Comfort.

Jane says, new hairdos, free medical care, and toys for the tots. These are the human side of life. The side we hope everyone remembers, as time goes by.

What's not to like about that?


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Anita Campbell

Don't you feel like you are in an echo chamber sometimes? I like it when someone like you, Yvonne, challenges the "established thinking." Keep up the great work.



I SO dislike stereotyping of any kind. Gender stereotyping by any business is only going to bring them grief (I hope LOL)

Women are technologically capable, (I very much enjoy reading CNET and other techno-info) We can have interests beyond hearth and home without excluding our desire to have a comfortable environment and loving family.

Always a pleasure to ready your outstanding articles. Thank you.


I always wonder, "Who are all of these women who frequent iVillage?" I've haven't been there a single time except in a professional capacity.

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