Jane Announces Support for Katrina Survivors
Jane Sighs over The Gap

Jane Falls in Love

Dear readers -- Jane is in love! With the new Gap.com [still in redesign -- we will announce the re-launch when Gap does]! We were going to post about it today -- show all of you why this new site is so female-friendly, but then...a greater cause came our way.

We are saving the love for a later post, perhaps tomorrow -- in a Fit by Five. Today, once again, we wish to announce support for the hurricane survivors. Somehow, marketing to women online seems a trite thing -- in comparison to the clean-up efforts in the hurricane zone. Marketing to women online is the best way to get your message out, via our enormous word-of-mouth buzz, which means our purpose, here at Lip-sticking, is not in vain.

We matter. We matter because you matter. What we think is important because you make it so. And, with that thought in mind, we offer you yet another surprising way to help the survivors of Katrina. Over at Susan Getgood's blog, there is an eBay auction going on, offering a very neat bonus...with proceeds to support rebuilding the broken lives shattered by Katrina.

This auction is being supported by HP...yes, that HP...and Apple_piesuccess will be determined by word of mouth marketing. Susan has kindly included Jane in her list of blogs to help get the word out. We feel honored and privileged. We could not refuse -- it's a perfect way to showcase marketing to women online. THIS is what women do -- on and offline -- they talk to each other. They support each other's causes. They rally round the flag and country and motherhood and apple pie. They make sure the world does what it should -- for folks in need.

Join us. We'll welcome you with a warm embrace. And, we'll be sure to visit your website to see what neat things you have to buy.

Say...what's not to like about that?


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Hi Jane,

I just met this woman at my lamaze class and she needed someone to model her to maternity clothes for a photoshoot this weekend. she sells her maternity clothes at mysticclothing.com. the fabric was so comfortable when i was wearing them. she gave me 7 tops after the shoot was finished. really beatiful stuff. highly recommended!

love your site. : )


Susan Getgood

Thanks for mentioning the auction!! And the lovely way you did just reminds me again why I'm glad I know you!!

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