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Remember Get Smart, that 60s TV show spoofing James Bond? (at least, that's what we thought it was doing). It was more fun than the Flintstones or chasing fireflies in the backyard or even trying to get our kid brother to eat a worm -- well, maybe not more fun than getting our kid brother to eat a worm. :-)

We were reminded of those fun days of the 1960s today when we were checking out a new blog on marketing. We uncovered this smart blog by checking our stats. We know you all do it...don't deny it. You may not do it religiously, nor overtly, but you do it. You click into the 'check your stats' section of Typepad and take a peek at who's been to your blog today. If you're a business, this is valuable information. That's why we called this post, Jane Gets Smart. Checking our stats uncovers all sorts of marvelous information, such as...

Adpulp, the blog we think is so smart, announces itself in IE as "Daily Juice from the Ad Biz." Good stuff -- orange juice for the brain, we think.

We've been to this blog before -- Jane does try to keep up -- but today we were treated to a trip down memory lane. In between posts, they have a paid advertisement -- which they are very open about -- for Flippies that long-ago 60s 'toy' -- a Flippies_bookstiny little book designed to entertain children by showing a movie in a book. One holds this little tome in one's fingers and flips through it -- each page moves the picture along so that as the pages flip by, the images seem to be moving.

We bring you this fun information as a diversion from our normal Thursday post, the Smart Man Online interview, which...you may or may not have noticed...is missing today.

Jane will have a stellar interview NEXT week...we promise. In the meantime, get smart. Learn about Flippies. And remember, everything old is new again.

Tomorrow we are going to share insight into the Echo Boomer market. Direct from a presentation by John Geraci of Harris Interactive. He who knows the teen and tween market. Some interesting stuff. Some stuff we agree with, and some stuff we don't. John may have the numbers to back him up, but...we have the experience. We KNOW a good number of echo boomers.

Here's a question to ponder, while you wait for us to explain children's buying habits to you (this is why we wonder about 'studies show' information -- do children really have buying habits???); the question is, Are 200 channels of TV viewing too much or too little?

Stay tuned to find out what's not to like about that.


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