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When we started this blog so many months ago, we had no idea it would become so important to us. We expected it to be much like a newsletter, informing readers about the latest and greatest in the marketing to women online world. We attempted, for the most part, to stay true to that cause: instructing and reporting on what women do online. And, we felt good about being able to bring the right information to you -- the readers interested not only in marketing to women online, but in women's issues.

Now, we feel fortunate to be in the company of some truly marvelous people. We are amazed at how wide our reach is today -- thanks to the blogosphere, and to a few, good friends. One is a lady we met at the Blogher conference -- after exchanging emails for many, many months. Toby Bloomberg is who WE really want to be. She's talented, savvy about marketing, friendly to the nth degree, warm, and gorgeous -- in a twin sister of Jodie Foster kind of way. We often find gems of information at Toby's blog, Diva Marketing. Gems such as this latest report on ABC Radio, which says they are beginning a radio show with a focus on women's issues. Abc_radio

If, as written about in Media Buyer Planner, ABC Radio is really interested in the women's market, we challenge them to contact Toby's list of marketing to women online bloggers (thanks for including us, Toby-- we are proud to be in such austere company). We wonder -- if all the ladies in that list banded together -- what marvelous things could we bring to ABC Radio?

Along with our admiration of Toby, is our fondness and admiration for Rosa Say of Talking Story. (notice, dear readers, how all of this ties in with our core purpose -- ro report on what women do online; though this particular post is not about shopping -- do not mistake it for frivilousness; rather, notice that the give and take of building friendships online inspires us to share things, especially stories, and that though we may not advertise where we shop, on our blogs -- believe that we most decidely do talk about such things in email and via Skype.)

Today, our dear friend Rosa has a post written by yours truly, Jane -- who was allowed to write in the voice of Yvonne. Rosa is providing a way for many of her blogging friends to write about learning, lifelong learning, in her monthly Ho'ohana. You must visit Rosa's blog to learn more -- in keeping with the focus of this month's Ho'ohana, we hope you enjoy the writings as much as we do. We hope you take away some new perspectives. We hope you contemplate the lessons life has taught you -- and that you will think of sharing them, in a blog post of your own.

Jane (aka Yvonne) wrote about the Art of Reinvention, because we have reinvented ourselves oh, a half dozen times, in our life. We know others who have gone through the reinvention process far more...and some, far less. Interestingly, we believe that reinvention is an art. And that every day is another chance to begin. Our post yesterday prepared readers to think positively, and open their hearts to reinvention.

Women are masters at this. We think men are similarly inclined. We think the ultimate goal is... well, do read our lifelong lessons on Talking Story today. And let us know if you agree.

What's not to like about that?


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Samantha Cole

Yvonne/Jane - you, dear friend, are one of the nicest and most generous people I've met on-line! Thank you for your kind words. I'm thinking of turning your post into a holiday card. On another note, your post on Talking Stories touched my heart. Beautifully written. Virtual hugs to you.

Peggy Payne

I came here from Toby Bloomberg's Diva Marketing site. I share your enthusiasm for her work. She has been helping me with my Boldness Blog. And she gives good bold advice.

I like what you're doing here as well. It's exciting.

Rosa Say

Yvonne, you have posted such a warm gift of self within the words you wrote for Talking Story, thank you so much.

We learn in many ways, however I'd dare to say that the very best way, the way that we remember most, touches us most, and yes, we LEARN most, is from the stories others tell us of their own experiences and dance cards of life. For instance, hasn't every book come from someone's hand?

Yvonne you teach us with such generosity today on Talking Story, and here on Lip-Sticking every day. Mahalo nui loa, ke aloha kaua. Rosa


Yvonne/Jane - you, dear friend, are one of the nicest and most generous people I've met on-line or off-line! Thank you for your kind words. I'm thinking of turning your post into a holiday card, including in all my proposals and using it as an intro ;-)

On another note, your post on Talking Stories touched my heart. Beautifully written. Virtual hugs to you.


Good for you to take the time to honor your past and path and recognize you are not what you were. (Few of us are.) Looking at the common threads of what gave strength is a good material for weaving future strength from.

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