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9 Smart Steps Forward for Entrepreneurial Women

Smart Conversations: Smart Woman Chloe DiVita

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Women are so smart.

I have always believed in the intelligence of women everywhere. In my previous life, back in the early 2000s, I wrote a blog called Lipsticking, for and about women entrepreneurs.

It came from a book I wrote - subtitled, Smart Marketing to Women Online. After a year of blog posting, the blog became Smart Marketing for Women Online. You see the difference?

So many smart women recognized their lack of education and training online, and I filled in the gap for them. It brought me much satisfaction and delight. The blog still exists. You can visit it, if you like.

Today, however, I am focused on you. I am focused on the smart, talented women of 2019 - and beyond. I hear a lot of sighs from women today. They’re just as smart, maybe even smarter. But, they know something is missing from their path to success - and I’m here to help with that.

Your big idea is magic. It comes from your amazing talent. It’s worth paying for! I can mentor you on that journey - and as i do, I offer these fun, informative, educational conversations with a lot of other smart women.

Just as I did in my early blogging days, I have turned to “interviews” to bring you advice, insight, and purpose through conversations with smart, talented women across the entrepreneurial world.

We talked to Toby Bloomberg last week, where “intentional” was her watchword. I recommend you give that first video of this series a visit. Toby and I go a long way back and she knows of what she speaks. Not to mention, her new gig in food is amazing! 

You will see a variety of women sharing conversations

I will have women who do the same thing I do - because we are all unique in our own way and if someone else has that attraction, that spark, that focus you feel you need, I am glad to showcase another professional who can help.

On this day, in Nurturing Big Ideas Today, we talk with my daughter, Chloe DiVita. She advises us to "own your purpose." Her focus is on presence. Your ‘be there’ presence. Find her at Perceptive Presence. She also works with Heroic Public Speaking.  

The watchword for our conversation is “physicality”. Because Chloe is focused on performing, and teaching you not only why performing is an important business skill, but how to be a performer, also, she helps us understand physicality and how showing up is more than walking through the door.

Women as friends

You’ll get a good bit of actionable advice in this video conversation.

You’ll hear things like “own your purpose” and “choreograph your content” - two things Chloe is passionate about.

As with all our conversations, I focus on women and women's needs. Future conversations will cover health and that inner voice we often call intuition or our spirit guide. It's all about embracing who we are as women of the world. 

Talk back at us. We can go on and on, we’re that way. But, we prefer a little silence to let YOU ask questions and comment on our discussion. Do it below, or on YouTube or on Facebook.

If you like our videos, you’ll love our newsletter. It's magical! - be the entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to ask for help!



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