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Disruption - the Theme for the Month of May

Smart Conversations with Smart Women: Laura Bennett of Gosling's Leap

Laura Bennett smart conversation

Let’s talk serendipity today.

Let’s talk disruption today.

Let’s talk with Laura Bennett of Gosling’s Leap, on Smart Conversation with Smart Women. A Nurturing Big Ideas Today video conversation.

We have these smart conversations to learn more about how this all works. We could have them every day. Smart women like Laura Bennett, whom I have known for more than 10 years and have admired beyond the reaches of the galaxy.

I love Laura because she’s a people person. Her work is in numbers, and insurance, and you’d think that would make her so techy, such a geek, that she wouldn’t be able to carry on a great conversation anywhere, let alone on Nurturing Big Ideas Today.

NOT true at all!

This woman has so much charm and approachability, she puts everyone at ease, the moment she begins talking. If you listen closely, you will begin to understand what I mean - the conversation is never really about her. It’s about you.

In this twenty minutes or so you will learn about entrepreneurial disruption.

You’ll discover that starting out new, as Laura is now, and as I am, also, is not new to us, but even with our backgrounds in successful business planning, we need to touch other like-minded souls to keep us grounded.

You’ll hear me say the words: entrepreneurial acumen and transformation, and sit back to let Laura tell us what they mean in context of helping women turn their entrepreneurial ideas into magic.

Oh the serendipity!

It’s about the “total experience”, and “serendipity”, and putting yourself out there.

Don’t miss any of it! Listen to the end and learn more about Laura on LinkedIn.

Smart Conversations happen at least once a week. Don’t miss any! Check this blog every Monday!

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