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A Smart Woman Conversation: Kathleen Gage Power Up for Profits & Plant Based Eating

Smart woman conversation with kathleen gage

You will learn in this week’s Smart Woman Conversation that Kathleen Gage is a dear friend. I knew 'of' her long before BlogPaws, and received her email newsletter for several years, before I gathered up the courage to approach her to speak at a BlogPaws conference. 

When she said, maybe but... I'm not in the pet space, I said, yes you are! Watch the video to learn how I got her to keynote one of  our conferences.

Many of the women I interview on Nurturing Big Ideas Today, women I value as smart and talented, are friends I’ve known for years and years. If that teaches you nothing else, let it teach you this - women support each other and developing a network of smart, talented women will do you good down the road.

Let’s talk Conscious Entrepreneur

Yes, lets. What is a conscious entrepreneur? It’s someone who is conscious about building a business.

It’s a woman who may suddenly recognize that her art, her talent and creativity, and her desire to share, can become a profitable business.

Kathleen has strong thoughts on this. She has strong thoughts on everything we talk about in the informative video. That’s the second thing I’d like you to learn from today’s smart conversation - be confident in your purpose.

One reason Kathleen is confident is that she’s done the work. She’s done the research. She knows marketing online; she knows how to build your body up to run a marathon; she knows how plant-based eating has improved her health.

All of those things were commitments she made to herself. Commitments to learn and study and adopt them into her life. Her choice. Her decision.

Plant-based Eating - A Healthy Choice for Life

I am not pushing you into plant-based eating. I am encouraging you to learn more.

Kathleen shares her stories, her journey, her experiences, and if it influences you to study this idea, to take charge of your health, to recognize what it means to support companies that are looking at the future of our eating habits (and practicing compassion for animals), I am glad.

Don’t do it if you’d rather not. If you’re not interested in better health, or learning more about how we get the food we eat, I won’t fault you. I’m not here to dictate how healthy you are.

It’s a choice. It’s up to you.

Learn more from Kathleen on her Plant-Based Eating website. It’s pretty awesome. Also, she recommends Dr. Joel Furman’s book, Eat to Live. Get a copy and read it. No, I do not get an affiliate payment if you buy the book. I am reading it and I recommend it, also.

Smart Women - Smart Conversations is posted on Mondays, usually. YouTube has all the videos in one place for you. Check it out.

Join others who believe learning and studying and listening can help you build a better business. 

Do enjoy the video and share your thoughts on conscious entrepreneurs and plant based eating.



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